Animal BJD, creatures, pets

Animal BJD, creatures, pets!

Why are we talking about animal dolls, creatures, farts?

BJDs are generally identified in the collective unconscious as human dolls. We have discussed the generalities about BJDs HERE.

Animal BJD, creatures and pets, are also considered as BJD because their assembly system, their material, the technology used is exactly the same as for their human counterparts. But they no longer have anything of the doll image that is made everyone by hearing this word. They are a mixture of dolls, figurines, decorative objects and collectibles.

We can define a name to classify these «dolls» by size, but here we will speak more of their representations.


Animal BJDs represent real animals that exist or have existed: cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, fish, chameleons, owls, spiders... and even dinosaurs! They are also called "pets". They are inspired by the real thing but can be faithful to it or make a very imaginary interpretation (cartoon). Thus there can be a large number of interpretations of the same animal in different styles, sizes, shapes...




The BJD creatures are representations of «things» that do not exist. It can therefore be mythological creatures, born of novels or films, or simply from the fertile imagination of a creator without this creature ever existed in reality. ( no unicorns are "pets" because everyone knows they really existed! XD)

It doesn’t really matter if you classify unicorns in any of the categories, it’s just there to help classify them, it’s not an absolute rule.

Instead, creatures will be called griffins and hippogriffs, dragons, unicorns but also wildfire, werewolf rabbit, legged vegetables, and any other purely invented creation.


This category makes it possible to classify the BJD which do not belong entirely to one of the others since they represent a mixture of genres. Most often this mixture will be Human/other:

  • Mermaid
  • Centaur
  • Harpy
  • Human-dragon
  • Human-flower
  • Human-Animal
  • Cyborg
  • Human-skeleton

This category also lists all dolls with «human» bodies (bust, arms, legs) with a non-human head, and sometimes the feet and/or hands matching the face.


Finally, you can say whatever you want, animal BJDs, creatures, farts, hybrids... It's a way of not saying "non-human BJDs" and of giving them a name as a legitimacy to exist, because they have a vast audience and fulfil another role than the Human doll.