BJD Sheep – 2023

Pet doll :
7cm x 9cm

Skin White/Beige, black, purple, pink

Eyes 14mm

Cherry magneted accessory

BJD Sheep:

Patachou is a cuddly and sweet little sheep. He loves to roll in whipped cream, lick candy in the store and his favorite fruit is cherries.

He likes it so much, he thinks it gives him a sweet style to wear it on his head... well as long as he resists to crunch it!

Patachou is a bit lazy, he loves to curl up in the cozy corners.
He is very sociable and loves to live in a community, he loves to cuddle with all his brothers and sisters, but he also loves it when we scratch him under the belly. This little sheep will bring his sweetness with him every day that passes, and the more you have the creamier your life will be!



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Sheep Family :

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