BJD Owl – 2017


Tiny doll : h 7cm / L with wings 11,5cm

White Skin / Mint / Marron Glacé

Eyes 14mm Special

BJD owl:

Ti'Coco is a small animal pet representing an owl, of all the birds, it is the first that inspired me. I thought it would be easy to make a cute and endearing pet bjd.
A scoundrel appears when you look into his eyes and his wings allow you to take different poses and give him different moods.

What I like when I take care of your Ti'Coco, is that for each Custo, make-up, different color, they take on a different personality.
When I shoot the photos I am always surprised by the air they emit. Some are shy, some are naughty, and sometimes I see recklessness or wisdom, and it is a bit like they come to life and each one reveals to me his own identity. So what would yours be like?