The Raven - 2020


Creature Doll : Body high 13cm / Wingspan 35cm

Skin : Grey

4 Faceplates + 2 removable claws pair

Eyes : 8mm – 10mm big eyes head



Cachou is a project that lasted 2 years. A great adventure, and the ambition to create an original doll, grandiose, and never seen before.

After a very long phase of technical preparation and design, we managed to create a new familiar spirit with mystical curves and dark gaze.
This new friend will watch over you like a caring spirit, a companion, a friend of witches, wizards and Vikings!

Its impressive size is close to the animal real size. He is completely articulated which allows it to take very varied poses.
It has 4 interchangeable faceplates according to its/ your mood, and alternative claws for even more realism.

He does not fly… but almost thanks to his personalized stand he can take any attitude.





Cachou, the guardian spirit :

Maleficient raven !

White Damned raven – special custom :

Special custom colours :

Blank doll in Grey resin + Beige skull head :

Cachou next to a SD doll :

Cachou with Soom PetitGem :

Adapted special stand :