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As the creations of the workshop are handmade, we cannot offer to order all products at all times.
A special time in the year is proposed for each and announced a little in advance so that you are kept informed of their release when the time comes. 



When a doll is in sales, called «preorder», an order form is available on the site at the product page.
You just have to complete it entirely. Once your order has been sent by the form, you will receive a quote email, specifying the chosen options, and the precise price with the included costs adapted to your order. 

You can then proceed with the payment in full or in part depending on the options selected and on the agreed terms.
When payment is made in full, the order is validated. You will be informed of the production time of the doll as and when it is finished and it is sent to you as soon as it is finished! 






A shop presents the in stock products ( event sale, unique pieces...)

If a product is not in stock, neither in sales, you can still contact us to find out if it will be soon. Potelette lutin de Noel
This allows us to know where your desire is and to organize the release schedules accordingly. 

Sometimes, some creations are in stock following festivals.
You may be lucky and the doll may be exceptionally available out of the period.
Don’t hesitate to ask us! 



Please note that each sale is subject to the General Conditions of Sale of the site. The buyer agrees to accept and respect them.
The current threat of counterfeiting is very worrying,
we thank you in advance for your concern for our little creatures
and we hope that you will help us to fight this scourge with your respect and support..




Let us support artists
Fight against counterfeiting!

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Order a Makeup

Send us a message we will discuss your project together.

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Order an accessory

(eyes, house, outfit, bag…) 

Send us a message, some items are in stock, if possible we make the accessory on order, otherwise we will inform you. 

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