• New !

    Patachou, the creamy sheep!

    Discover Patachou, the sheep with a thousand sweets...

  • NEW !

    Tartine and Opaline, the cute flying duo.

    The two mini creatures love to hide in the hollow of your shoulder, go to discover them...

    Opaline Tartine


    You can now see our In Stock available creations !



    The dumb chameleon and his friend the fly!

    + INFOS
  • Artist BJD

    Potelette the little pumpkin

    Potelette our Halloween mini monster !


Creations for BJD

Over the years, and with passion, Le Mouton en Sucre has developed various skills in this field in order to offer you original, unique and complete customisations. Find all our creations in the gallery!


BJD Creation

Le Mouton en Sucre Creation BJD

  • Original BJD's
  • Resin accessories
  • The quality of handicraft, handmade with love


Le Mouton en Sucre makeup artist

  • Personalised and unique BJD's
  • A commission Make-up service

Accessories creation

Le Mouton en Sucre accessories design

  • Fantasy custom eyes
  • Hand made accessories
  • Quality clothes and outfits
  • Nice and suitable doll bags

Le Mouton en Sucre

A sweeter world

"The Sugar Sheep" is a crazy bet, to bring a little sweetness into the world.

We are French BJD creators

Our creations are little sweets for the eyes, a sweet taste to see life funnier.

Passionated about BJD, we admire the wonders that surround us. There are so many beautiful things that we wanted to propose our artistic vision to create cute little things.

It is therefore with joy that we share with you our tender and fun universe!

Find our BJD and our resin creations. We will share with you some pictures in the gallery (shootings, creations, customisations, conventions…), and I hope that we will bring you some sweetness and the pleasure to give life to your ideas! In the section links section, you will find some interesting shops and creators that you don't have to miss. In the calendar are noted the main conventions where we will meet you, and if you still have questions, contact us !

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Our creations are made in the workshop with care according to a quality charter that represents our values.



It is to meet our quality requirement that we do not offer dolls without makeup.

Every creation is a treasure for us.

Glitters life

for a sweeter world

Le Mouton en Sucre BJD artist happy

by Phoe

Le Mouton en Sucre