BJD Bird – 2021

Tiny doll :
– Mama 4,5cm x 3,5cm
– Baby 3,5cm x 2,5cm

Skin White

Eyes 8mm / 6mm

BJD bird:

The Biscotti are a family of charming little birds that twirl when spring comes.

Mums and babies are very fond of cuddles and scratches. They come in as many colours as there are for a colourful bouquet of little wings!
Biscotti is flower's best friend and loves to snuggle in the palm of your hand. They chirp from morning to night in their nest and are always in a good mood.

Their small size makes it the perfect small companion of your BJD.

This BJD little bird is perfect for accessorising your scenes and accompanying your dolls of all sizes. The magnet in the body allows it to sit gracefully on any magnetic surface. They are a pretty rainbow of colours and sizes perfect for your photos!


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Biscotti Family :

At the garden :

Special artist cutom :

In Minifee hand :