BJD acorn - 2020


Tiny doll : 7x6cm

Capuccino skin ( moka body + cream headcap)

Eyes 14mm ( « normal » / « amazed eyes » size)

BJD acorn:

Glandouille is a baby acorn who fell from his tree a little before autumn! He is part of the small Forest people, the magic of water gave him life.
Just like his cousin Potelette, he likes to do stupid things, run naked in the forest and chase the will-o-the-wisp.

He likes bark alcohol too much, it makes him laugh a lot, he always prepares jokes to the other inhabitants of the forest.

In the evening it huddles between the autumn leaves warmed by the sun, but be careful not to put it near the fireplace if you don't want it to turn into popcorn!



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Mini acorn twins trying to make jokes and stupid things !


Classic + special outfit


Special unique custom

« Lorien »

« Salambo cake »

« Bilbo’s »

« Mushroom »

« Squirrel »

« Fall leaves »

« Fox »

« Halloween »

« Xmas »

« Snail »

« Forest »

« Buttefly »


Glandouille and Potelette, autumn friends on the beach !


Glandouille in the forest !