Makeup et custo BJD

 Custo / Make-up / Tattoo

Make-up service for BJD of all shapes and sizes!

Makeup options

Makeup prices are additive options. Depending on the piece to be makeuped (depending on the size, the type of doll), a basic tariff is automatically applied. Then you can add options according to your desires and the complexity of the work to be done, the price of these options are added to the basic price to offer you the largest choice at the fairest price.

Be careful, keep in mind that each artist has his own style.
His artistic sensitivity and interpretation will inevitably be found in every makeup order.


makeup illustration

Used tools

– MSC Flat
– Airbrush / acrylic paintings
– Soft pastels
– Thinner Tamiya
– Transparent nail varnish / Tamiya varnish
– Watercolour pencils
– Glitters, strass,...
– Milliput paste

Animal Dolls Makeup



Faceup + Blush + Light texture (Body basis) 45€ 55€ + from 65€
Extra tattoo / hard texture +20€ +35€ + from 50€
Extra little tattoo / Texture on 1 part +10€ +15€ + from 30€
Blush little extra part ( accessories, hands, ears, tail... ) +15€ +15€ +15€
Blush big extra part ( Removable wings... ) +20€ +25€ +35€
Stringing 10€ 15€ 30€
Cleaning 15€ 25€ 35€


Extra faceplate : The 1st +10€, the next +5€ ((ex:1 =+10€, 2=+15€, 3=+20€, 4=+25€…)

Matching eyes +10€ a pair

Eyelashes application : + 5€


Prices are indicative and may vary depending on your project specificity.

Makeups gallery

Special offers


Goblin Tales – Mossling Pack

Mossling basic ( basic blush + 5 faceplates with leaf texture ) 85€

Extra drawing "bottom" +15€

Extra drawing " 1 drawing by mood" +30€

Matching eyes x 4 pair +30€


I never copy an existing makeup
(extra drawings must be unique)

Human Dolls Makeup



Faceup 45€ 55€ 65€
Body blush + Manicure 30€ 40€ 50€
Blush little extra part (feet, hands, tail...) +15€ each +15€ each +15€ each
Blush big extra part ( wings, horns...) +25€ each +30€ each +35€ each
Face Cleaning 15€ 25€ 35€
Stringing 15€ 25€ 35€




Tattoo / drawing 15€ 30€ + from 45€


Eyelashes application : + 5€

Matching eyes +10€ a pair


Prices are indicative and may vary depending on your project specificity.

Makeups gallery

Plapico Makeup



makeup plapico


Assembling +20€
Faceup + Blush + Light texture +45€
Tattoo / drawings / hard texture +30€
Matching eyes +10€
Accessory / modification To be defined according to the request






Specific terms of sale - service

> SERVICE : The customization services, painting, make-up are influenced by the artistic sensitivity of the Craftsman who realizes them. Keep in mind that each artist has his own style. Make sure that our style, promoted by our many previous works, corresponds to what you want. After completion, no claim for reimbursement due to a tastes difference will be accepted.

These services are made with quality material that will not damage your product.

To provide quality work, we only accept to work on resin objects/dolls whose surface is smooth, clean and undamaged.

The work is done according to the rules of the and with care and quality. The highly personalized nature of the service means that no withdrawal will be accepted after the order validation.


> VALIDATION : The order will be definitively validated after receipt of the entire payment.
In case of abandonment, the sums already paid cannot be returned.
In case of problems contact me I remain at your disposal.

Payment accepted method : PAYPAL

All prices are in Euros, including Paypal fees, but excluding shipping fees.

Prices valid on the official resin Bjd or Plapico, prohibited to counterfeit / recast.
In the order validation e-mail, I inform you of the total price including your country adapted shipping costs.


> SHIPPING : The shipping costs are calculated according to your destination country, the weight and value of the package containing your product. Each package is declared and insured at its real value.

The dolls will be returned in the package provided by the owner. The package will be charged if not provided.
The return of the dolls will be done with insurance of the goods, we release all responsibility for any damages that may occur during the transport of the package.


> IMPORT-EXPORT / CUSTOMS : We ship products from FRANCE (EU countries). If you ship your goods from an other country than France, make sure to check the contents of your parcel because you are responsible for what is inside with regard to the laws in force.
If we have to ship your product to a country other than France, please note that our liability cannot be held in case of non-compliance with foreign legislation.

Customs fees and taxes may be required at the entrance of a package that you ship to France for our attention, or when your products arrive in your residence country.

In this case we will keep you immediately informed.

We are neither responsible nor liable for expenses for a product owned by the buyer. In case we should pay customs fees and taxes to unlock a product belonging to you, entering to the French ground, and intended to be painted, customized or repaired by us, they would automatically be considered an advance fee on behalf of the customer, which we will ask them to reimburse as a disbursement fee (fee added to your invoice in addition to the original estimated quote) before the merchandise is redirected.

For more information, we detail very precisely how to prepare your package and customs requirements: Click here


> COPY : All creations of Le Mouton en Sucre (dolls, accessories or make-up, etc.) are original and authentic creations subject to Intellectual Property Rights. No illegal copying or reproduction of our work is permitted. The purchase or resale of our creations for the purpose of copying or counterfeiting is absolutely prohibited and illegal. Any offender will be prosecuted.

Counterfeit are prohibited, we don't work on copies. If a counterfeit is sent to us without taking into account our regulations, the doll will be returned to its owner in its receiving state, without intervention on it. The return costs remain the owner's responsibility.


> INFO : No make-up will be done on "manga face" style dolls (Smart doll, Angelphilia...) by artistic choice.