BJD bee – 2022


Mini pet Doll : Length 4cm

Skin : Yellow bee

Magneted base

Eyes : 8mm


BJD bee:

Tartine is a greedy little bee, anything sweet is an acceptable treat for her. She loves honey of course, but also jam, candy, candyfloss, fruit jelly...

If you want to coax him, now you know how to catch him! With his big eyes, how can you resist giving him a treat?

It enjoys walking in gardens and flowery areas, but will happily sit in the palm of your hand or on your shoulder. With its magnetic base it can be placed on any magnetic surface.

Tartine is an early riser and her favourite time is breakfast when she can snatch some sweets from your plate. In the afternoon she plays with her sister Opaline and goes from flower to flower!


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Tartine the greedy bee ! :

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