BJD butterfly – 2022


Mini pet Doll : Length 5cm

Skin : White, brown, night blue, yellow

Magneted base

Eyes : 6mm


BJD butterfly:

Opaline is a cute butterfly, always with her head in the clouds, lost in her thoughts, she flies and wanders where the wind takes her.

Graceful, he can be placed on any magnetic surface thanks to his magnetic base, and loves playing with his sister Tartine, the little bee. These two form a happy duo.

Opaline loves to sit on the blades of grass and observe the beauty of the gardens in bloom, smelling their perfume in a ray of sunset,
because even though it is a cheerful butterfly, it is more of an evening butterfly, and prefers to dance under the moonlight to shine all night and party!

With all these adventures, don't expect to see one in the morning, it sleeps in!


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Opaline the dreaming butterfly :