Frequently Asked Questions




What language do you speak?

We are French creators. We speak French and English.
Unfortunately, we do not understand other languages.
The website is translated into both languages.
You can change the language using the “flag” button at the bottom or in the menu.

What time is it in France ?

Time in France is GMT + 1


What is your BJD made in?

Our BJD are made of Polyurethane Resin. It is a polymerization chemical reaction material, it is fragile and sensitive to UV.
To avoid yellowing, we advise to keep the object away from natural light.
To keep the creation in its original state, handle it carefully to avoid shocks, scratches, breakage…

Are your creations toys?

Absolutely NOT !
Our creations are not toys and are especially not intended for children. They are fragile objects intended for decoration and should only be handled by adults of full age.
They contain small parts and elements that can be dangerous (magnets, breakage, swallowing, allergies, etc.)

Are your creations waterproof?

The resin does not fear water. However our creations are made of other small elements sensitive to moisture.
Water can damage paint, rust iron hooks, and degrade elastic and glue. We therefore advise you to keep the creations away from moisture.


I don’t understand how to order your creations?

If you wish to order, a dedicated section is available HERE.
Creations available in stock are listed HERE.

Can I order this doll in another resin colour?

If you want one of our creations in a specific resin colour,
do not hesitate to ask us so that we can tell you if it is possible.
Note that light colours are easier to produce than dark colours.

I absolutely want this doll, when will it be on sale?

We will be happy to provide you with the forward-looking information we have.
Preparing a product takes time, there is no need to regularly insist to have priority.
All new information is shared on the site and social networks in due time.
Please be patient and respectful of both our work and other clients who are also waiting.

I bought a doll, I would like to receive it quickly?

It takes a long time to create BJD.
The estimated time limits are indicated when ordering in the specific sales conditions.
You are systematically kept informed of your order progress.
There is no need to ask for regular updates about the work progress.
We thank you for your enthusiasm, be patient, we are working on your projects.

How can I buy a blank doll, without makeup?

We do not offer blank dolls for purchase because it doesn't correspond to our product values.
We create finished, quality objects with style and soul.
That’s why we offer simple makeup (classic option) for free.
If you want a more complex unique makeup, you can choose the «artist custom» paying option.


I would like a make-up, what information do you need?

A Doll's makeup is very personal. So I have to be able to understand your universe. I need to know which colours you like or don’t like, the design style you want.
You can use image sources to show your inspiration and visual details.
Be careful not to give too much detail, if you expect something too specific you may be disappointed.
The makeup artist has his own style and interpretation of your directions. You must choose him knowing that his artistic sensitivity will permeate your order.


The currency of my country is not Euro, how to do it?

Our prices are displayed in Euro because it is the currency used in France. Currency conversion can be complicated, varies every day, and Paypal takes extra charges to pay for it.
The simplest is to send the amount of payments directly in EURO thanks to the currency choice when sending by Paypal. If you have any difficulties or are afraid of being mistaken, we can send you an invoice of the exact amount, you will only have to validate by clicking on a button.
Warning, if you want to know the equivalent in your currency, the Google calculation formula is not the same as Paypal one, it can create amounts differences.

Why do I have to pay Paypal fees?

Paypal fees are mandatory to take advantage of the platform’s buyer protection.
When a transaction is a purchase of goods or services from a professional, these fees are automatic.
They are withdrawn from the amount sent to the seller, which is why we charge customers.

What do I pay in Shipping fees?

The creations sent are precious and fragile objects, we systematically ship them insured.
This insurance allows to be protected in case of loss or damage.
Shipping costs vary depending on the courier, weight, destination and value of the item, and we calculate them as accurately as possible for you.

Can I get a discount?

We do not accept negotiations.
Neither on prices, nor on layaway (time and amount) because we cannot negotiate our charges, our bills, or our taxes…
This work is our main activity and allows us to live.

Our products prices are best suited to the budget of our customers and do not represent the time and investment spent to produce them.
A layaway payment option has been put in place to facilitate settlements, any work deserves salary,
and we can’t do more without putting ourselves in trouble.


Where do you ship packages from?

We ship all our packages from FRANCE.

Is it possible to pick up my package by hand?

It is quite possible to agree on a handover of your purchase at a show where we are sure to be present.


What is your position on counterfeiting?

Our creations are ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC. We fight for the respect of artists and their work.
We are against copying and counterfeiting and we urge you to read our article about RECAST to know more.

How can I help fighting against counterfeiting?

Be curious, stay up-to-date on best practices and inform your loved ones about the risks.
The key is to respect, support and buy authentic products from creators.
You can report suspicious ads on marketplaces or just talk about them in the community for help.
Be kind because no one is perfect and no one listens to someone who attacks them.
Be careful who you buy or sell your doll to on the secondary market.
Do not post photos of your certificates of authenticity so they are not copied.


I sent a message, why didn’t I get an answer?

We try to answer quickly to your messages.
If you don't get an answer, please contact us as an oversight is always possible.

We advise you to ask clear questions related to our activity to facilitate the answer.

However, we ask you to show respect and politeness.
We are professionals and expect to be treated as such. Respect must be reciprocal.

Can you give me some advice on how to create a BJD, how to make up...?

We don't offer consultations to learn how to make a bjd or make-up.
We can exchange information about our products but we cannot provide technical instruction due to lack of time.
If you are passionated about this hobby, there are many information places for this purpose on the Internet.
It is a long learning and a lot of work, which we cannot share in a few words.
Thank you for respecting our work, we are creators, not teachers.


Can I offer you a partnership, a gift for some likes?

We are not considering any partnership proposals from influencers, youtubers, socialers…

I’m an artist, can we trade?

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to exchange creations because our activity allows us to live and pay the bills.