Mojito & Tapazz’



Mojito and Tapazz'

The Chameleon and his Fly - 2019


Creature Doll : 13×9 cm

Skin : Lime, light orange, Anis, Mint, Grey blue

3 alternative tongues

Special sphere eyes set


Always looking for a new small animal to adopt, this time the challenge was to create a chameleon that would fit in the hand, charismatic and funny, with which we could play and take fun poses.
It’s done because Mojito is a pet type BJD, accompanied by his mini friend Tapazz’ the fly. It has an articulated jaw and three magneted tongues to vary the funny scenes. Its special eyes are complete spheres that can be turned with the finger from the outside of the head. With it, he can take many more crazy expressions, further more it comes with two pairs of eyes with different iris sizes to add to this fun effect.

This little creature with its big head, its whirling tail and its articulated fingers is therefore the ideal companion for your photos and your crazy laughs!





Mojito Lime and Ganadilla standard make-up :



Mojito’s adventures :


Special artist custom /Green skin :



Special artist custom /fantasy skin :