BJD Feufollet – 2018


Tiny doll : 3x-5 cm

White Skin

Eyes 10mm

BJD feufollet :

Cotton was born in a dream. Certainly a very funny dream but I don’t remember, the only thing left is the image of a little white cotton ball floating in the air and waddling like a flame.
No I hadn’t drank or smoked XD, but I’m glad to have had this dream because my little Cotton is the most adorable mini pet bjd that fits in the palm of my hand!

So the little baby creature ended up becoming a little cotton candy will-o-the-wisp! And it’s to eat.

Often it is compared to movie characters, but obviously it is a fairly simple form so nothing surprising, it is very popular in red and yellow but it takes back its magical essence when dressed in fancy colors!