Pure Neemo

Pure Neemo


The "Pure Neemo" are dolls created by the Azone company. They exist in three sizes 21, 23 and 25 cm and have two types of bodies:

– “Pure Neemo Advance” whose members can be replaced with others in different positions that allow to create very natural poses with the minimum of joints.

The head, arms, wrists and legs fit together. So we can replace them with arms and legs already folded, and change heads and hands as you want.

-« Pure Neemo Flexion » which is articulated.

They are usually delivered with full outfit, accessories, and spare limbs depending on the body.

There are many models of Pure Neemo including some in limited edition. Of course, clothes can also be purchased separately or custom-made.

Their round face and large manga-style painted eyes contribute to their charm and make them unique and easily identifiable. They have implanted hair but can also wear wigs. The Pure Neemo are very easily customizable, the eyes can be modified thanks to decals, or painted directly.