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BJD Creation

We engage our work to produce exceptional creations with exceptional quality!



The BJD created by Le Mouton en Sucre are produced in our workshop in France.
Creation, casting, finishing are entirely done by hand.

Each doll is made with care and love. Each one is unique and has its small flaws that make their charm and authenticity.


It is very important for us to offer you some quality creations with a unique and authentic personality.

They are all individually customized with care to match our quality requirement. It is to respect these values that we don't propose blank dolls.


To make your resin friends absolutely unique, we offer the «artist makeup» option for all of our creations.

This customization option gives you the chance to own an art object that is unique in the world, to your taste, and of inestimable value.



The Mouton en Sucre signed BJD

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