The Ball Jointed Dolls - BJD


 Newcomers for adults, these resin dolls created in the early 1990s by the Volks company can be collected and customized. Their name comes from the attachement system of their limbs. They are connected by elastics (spherical joints), a creation of french origin ! First exclusively sculpted and produced in Japan, they have been exported since the 2000s to China, Korea, the United States and Europe via the Internet and international resellers. In recent years, more and more BJD creators/sculptors have been found outside Japan, to the delight of original doll lovers.

In France we find a number of BJD artists who delight us with rare and elegant models. These dolls are a real medium of creation, imagination and can be customized infinitely according to each person’s desires and universes. They are often true marvels of work, meticulousness, inventiveness and it is impossible not to have your favourite!

 BJD exist in several sizes that vary from less than 10 cm to more than 80 cm.

  • Size Super Dollfie (SD) : About 60 cm, 1/3 scale.
  • Size Mini Super Dollfie (MSD) : About 42 cm, 1/4 scale.
  • Size Yo Super Dollfie (YoSD) : About 27 cm, 1/6 scale.
  • Tiny : About 16 cm, 1/12 scale.

However there are much larger and also much smaller BJD!

The personalization is done by choosing the eyes, the wig, the makeup which can be made by the creator, by the owner or by commission by a third person. Clothes and jewelry dress the character, and by possible changes in the mass that can be made by addition (polymer paste to make horns, elf ears, etc.) or by retraction (engraving, opening of eyes, etc.). So many possibilities that the hardest will be to decide you!

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